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What up homies! It’s me – Elfrederick! Welcome to my humble blog and please get ready for the ride of your life!

I suppose now would be a good time to let you know the history behind Elrederick so without further ado let me begin. Having been let go from my construction job during the downturn in the economy I decided to look into the future so to speak, and what I saw in my crystal ball was very clear - there was no future in construction, not for me anyway. So with that the choice was made - either stay stuck in a rut as I was or learn a new skill and trying to eke out a new living in what was and still is clearly the fastest-growing revolution of the modern era.

Of course I am talking about joining the Internet era. Naturally, and being my luck I completely missed out on the whole .com bubble. This was an era where people were literally making money hand over fist on just about anything related to the Internet, and although things are a lot harder nowadays than they would have been at that time, it was still clear that not joining this rat race would be the biggest regret of my life if I had passed it up. So without wanting to waste any further time I set about creating Elfrederick.

While it is still barely even usable and barebones to say the least, I hope with a little funding and cooperation from perhaps one or two investors that in a timescale of no more than two years Elfrerick will be the name on just about every person’s lips in the world. You may think that this is far-fetched for someone who only recently learned HTML and all that comes with it, but I know deep down that I am highly driven and that success is guaranteed if I make a promise to myself to stick with this project.

So now that you know the background to our story, we implore you to take your time and indulge yourself in the carefully crafted and often humorous posts here on our blog, and if you see anything that is of particular interest or for that matter even offending to you then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will endeavour to reply in 24 hours or less!


Elfrerick is an ad free website at present and as such we have no need to use cookies, so speaking from a privacy perspective you can rest at ease that no data is being collected either by us or by any third party advertising agency when you visit our blog.

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